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Andrews Legal Aid Services (ALAS) is a Texas and 501(c)(3) Nonprofit formed on December 11, 2014, that provides pro bono and low bono legal services, including seminars, clinics and legal representation.  ALAS was founded with a clear mission:  to provide legal services to those not only unable to afford counsel or otherwise obtain counsel, but to further education, engagement and empowerment in navigating various legal issues, rights and remedies. We seek to direct our services to those who are in need of legal aid, but lack the knowledge or financial resources to pursue a matter that, if pursued, would benefit that person, the community and the public and common good. 


Based upon a clear need in the DFW Metroplex for additional pro bono and low bono legal services, education and representation for those who cannot afford a traditional law firm and do not qualify for other legal aid services, ALAS has pursued its mission.  Utilizing a flat fee structure, sliding scale based upon income and related circumstances, payment plans, client intake interviews, the nature of the case and other factors, ALAS has been able to assist several clients in its first year with matters ranging from family law, taxation, real estate, liens, entity formation, consumer law and more. We look forward to using our solid foundation to grow and provide more services and representation to the underserved demographic we aim to assist. 


Through our legal seminars and clinics, and the legal representation we undertake, we seek those who have been turned away by the pro bono legal services options, whether due to conflicts, limited resources of the organization or the classic person living paycheck to paycheck who, while exceeding the income eligibility of the normal legal aid services, does not make nearly enough to afford to retain a traditional law firm to advocate on their behalf.  We believe the right to representation extends beyond solely the realm of criminal law and should not only be available to those making a substantial amount or very little, but those in between as well.

1701 N. Collins Blvd., Richardson TX 75080


1750 N. Collins Blvd.

Suite 200

Richardson, Texas 75080

Office:  (972) 638-9192